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To book a room with us call
705-522-3600 and press "0"

Our Rooms and Rates

At House of Kin, we strive to provide our guests with the best possible experience. We have 32 beautifully done rooms that are comfortable, clean, and affordable, ensuring that you have a relaxing stay during your medical travels. 


Each of our rooms is equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi, a flat screen television, and a mini fridge. For a full list of the amenities we offer, please scroll down below to the amenities section of this page.  you can feel at home while away from home. Contact us to make a reservation today by calling 705-522-3600!

To qualify for our medical rate you or your hospital/doctor must provide medical proof in the form of a letter, travel grant, or doctor's note, anything that shows you are here in Sudbury for medical reasons. 

While House of Kin primarily operates as a medical hotel, and prioritizes taking guests that are here for medical reasons, we do take general guests at a higher rate. We also offer a discount for our services to seniors, corporate functions, and grieving families at a senior/corporate/bereavement rate.

Our main goal is to provide you with a "home away from home", so please check out our rooms and rates below, and call us at 705-522-3600 to make your reservation!

These are all totals with the tax calculated

General - $111.63
Medical -$77.55
Senior/Corporate/Grief - $96.36

Standard Double Bed

Accomodations 2.jpg

Two (2) Twin Beds

General - $123.38
Medical -$91.65
Senior/Corporate/Grief - $104.58

HOK Rooms ED-14_edited_edited.jpg

Two (2) Double Beds

General - $123.38
Medical -$91.65
Senior/Corporate/Grief - $104.58


General - $135.14
Medical -$110.46
Senior/Corporate/Grief - $126.91

Three (3) Double Beds
*Our Family Room*

HOK Rooms ED-04_edited_edited.jpg

General - $123.38
Medical -$91.65
Senior/Corporate/Grief - $104.58

Queen Bed
*Our Accessible Suite*

Amenities & Services

HOK Kitchen II.jpg

Amenities & Services

  • Flat screen TV with cable in each room

  • Refrigerator in each room

  • Laundry facilities on site

  • Quiet Room

  • Lounge: (2) food prep areas with toaster oven, toaster, microwave, dishes, cookware, dishwasher

    • Fresh complimentary coffee made throughout the day 

    • Two (2) fully stocked vending machines, a flat screen television, DVD player, fireplace, reclining chairs, reclining love seat, rocking chair and private dining area.

  • Bar & Restaurant on site, others within walking distance, grocery store within walking distance

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