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Get to Know:
Bill Mason, Treasurer

Bill Mason, Treasurer


Tannys has been a board member with the House of Kin for X years. Tannys’ role as a Director at Large is attending monthly board meetings, providing counsel and support to the House of Kin staff, and attending fundraising events.

When asked why Tannys felt encouraged to get involved with the House of Kin, she answered, ‘At the time I joined the Board I was working at the Northeast Cancer Centre in the Foundation and I saw many patients experiencing financial difficulties because of their cancer diagnosis. The House of Kin was an amazing place for them to stay-where they could experience the comforts of home within close proximity to their medical appointments. Time and time again I heard from our patients how much they appreciated the staff at House of Kin.’

Tannys is well known for her community mindedness. Her help in the community does not stop at the House of Kin - She is involved in her son’s hockey activities (i.e. hockey, soccer, school council), as well as, CKLU radio, Montessori School of Sudbury, Nickel District Conservation Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Society and the Greater Sudbury Library Board.

Tannys shared with us that the times when she feels the greatest success with the House of Kin is when she volunteers at fundraising events and attendees explain to her why they are supporting the House of Kin. She says, ‘I can’t help but feel pride in being a part of the organization.’ She also explains that she feels gratitude when she overhears patients talking about their great experiences at the House of Kin and how it has alleviated some of the stresses around their treatments/appointments.

Tannys has brought unique skills to the table with her professional background in business and fundraising. She has a Master’s of Business Administration, which helps her to understand the budgetary challenges of managing a not for profit hotel. Tannys is also a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), which helps to provide counsel and guidance in raising much needed funds for the House of Kin.

When asked about one thing Tannys has learned since being on the board, she replied, ‘it takes a community to help a community’. In saying this, Tannys explains that without a board, staff and volunteers at the House of Kin, many people would not have been able to afford to stay in a safe and welcoming place while experiencing medical challenges. She continued to explain that she also loves the diversity on our board – board members have many reasons for helping, most of them deeply personal but we are all banded together in a goal to help those that need accommodations.

Fun fact about Tannys: Tannys loves Stompin’ Tom! She was a part of an amazing group that brought his statue to the front of the arena (crafted by the extraordinary Tyler Fauvelle). She has been his biggest fan since she was just 7 years old and managed to see him live in concert over 20 times!

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